SharePoint Online

Streamline your digital information

SharePoint Online makes it easy to store, share and manage digital information within your organization. It helps you access internal sites, documents and other information from anywhere so you can easily share and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers. By eliminating the overhead of managing the infrastructure on your own, you can enjoy flexible management options and meet the compliance requirements of your organization.

Manage projects, collaborate and publish documents through a consistent user interface that automatically saves files online. With that, your team members can access the latest version of each file and conveniently provide real-time feedback to enhance workflow.

Benefits of SharePoint Online from smartIT include:

  • Cross device availability that lets you easily access and interact with your SharePoint newsfeed wherever you go across various devices
  • Visibility into policies and security for all the content and features within SharePoint
  • Automated maintenance of the servers ensures the latest features and minimal downtime
  • Data hosted in geographically distributed datacenters with premier disaster recovery capabilities and around the clock monitoring

Manage and collaborate your critical data with ease

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